Student Body of Christ

Invite videos from anywhere students are. Post them to your site.
Spend less than 10 minutes per week doing it.

Every Voice Counts

Hear from everyone, on anything. Every department, every program, every team, every campus ministry.

Do Life Together

Ask questions, get feedback, capture stories. Know your community so you can engage better.

Faith in Action

Share stories that demonstrate a living faith in a community of ordinary believers.

Think "concert of Christians"

What if "Christian" wasn't the adjective you had to constantly prove as a differentiator for your school? What if you could simply show, from every academic department to every trip to every simple campus expression, how a community of believers pursuing learning and life together looks – and is – different? What if you could show your "concert of Christians" from every angle, and invite people to respond to love?

Story gathering plug-in

Collect stories and feedback from your college for your website and social media.
You can also share your stories with all believers at

One Link

You share a link online, in email, or via text asking for stories or feedback.

Two Lines

It takes two lines of code to add the videos to your existing website.

Three Strands

Curate submissions on your own, or hire us to review and post videos.


How about a :53 demo?

Waiting for a call on an idea you’re not sure about is no fun, so here’s the quick version (with quick demo too). 

Your site. One link per campaign. Two lines of code (one in the header, and one where you want each carousel of videos to end up). Some back end magic you do or have us do for you, and your job just got easier and your community got stronger. SupaFast.

Choose your plan

The work is simple, but it’s the sort of work that creates new work if you do it well. If you have the staff to do it on your own, you should.
But if your staff’s plates are already full, this is an easy thing to outsource.

You Do It

You get the software & your team manages it
$ 150
Per Month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Support Calls

We Do It

We manage the campaigns & curate videos
$ 250
Per Month
  • 10 Users
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 100 New Videos*
  • Best Practices Call

Three month minimum. $200 one-time onboarding fee.
* Additional curated videos are $100/block of 100 new videos per month.

About the plug-in...

I’m Pete Gall, founder of Jesus Does, and your host during the demo. We didn’t create the tool you and I will discuss – we resell and help teams do more with the solution we chose for the site (feel free to explore at their site and compare how working directly with them vs working with us could help your mission). They’ve been very generous to us.

Our option is generally cheaper, and comes with services. And your fees support our mission. Finally, you can share your community’s stories with, adding your voice and cultural perspectives to the chorus. 

Let’s talk soon and see if what we’re doing is right for your mission, too.

We’re a people with a shared story.

This is true in your community, and it’s true in the Bride of Christ. We are known to one another, and to the world, but the way we share that story.

Want to see how we use it?

We use the exact solution for The software produces code for campaigns (each campaign starts as a link, like the button you can click below), which invite people to submit videos up to five minutes in length. From there, we curate the videos individually for appropriate content, category, and basic duty of care considerations. Then two lines of code (one in the header of the website and one for each video carousel anywhere you want it on the website) display the videos. You’ll see on our site we have different campaigns and carousels for different sorts of Jesus stories. It’s a simple process that adds a nice grassroots flavor to conversations, and is a great complement to more sophisticated productions and content.