Jesus Does, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to lifting up Jesus Christ as He draws all people to Himself.

We focus on Jesus stories – testimonies of His interactions with people – because we believe the behaviors of Jesus indicate the relational desires of Jesus. When people see Him, they desire Him. When Jesus is lifted up, He will draw all people to Himself. In this, His purposes of intimacy, love, healing, and reconciliation are advanced.

We're Here to Highlight the Love of Jesus, Not to Pick a Fight

Our objective is to capture stories in their most simple, undefended form, and to encourage people to reflect their gratitude to Jesus for what He does before doctrine, before tribe, and before the distractions of the world draw people’s attention away from Jesus. The most important thing in the world is what Jesus is doing. The most amazing lives we can live come from paying attention to Him and doing what we see Him doing. 

Our Vision is Gratitude to Jesus in Everyday Experiences

We long to see people living with observant, expectant gratitude as a primary filter on their worlds. Our hope is to see them watching for Jesus in their everyday lives, expecting to see expressions of His love, provision, invitation, healing, pursuit, or humble power. Our belief if when people notice Him and begin to sincerely thank Him, they will experience increasing joy and they will increasingly invite Jesus to reshape their lives, their perspectives, and their communities with His peace and kindness. 

All it takes is a willingness to watch (and maybe see how others watch and find Him), and be impacted by His care.

Our Plan for Where Jesus Stories Might Take Us

We are focused on collecting the stories of everyday people about everyday experiences. We don’t need specialists or extraordinary voices and stories to bear witness to Jesus. As the collection grows, we will add more forms of story: 

  • produced content from closed countries 
  • podcast conversations
  • documentaries
  • experiences designed to create Jesus stories
  • books and speaking resources for storytellers and story cravers
  • courses and teaching about gratitude and testimony
  • maybe even television and film at some point, who knows?

The Team of People to Lift Up Jesus and Help Draw Others to Him

Right now it’s just a couple of volunteers, and if things work out as we hope, we may never have a paid staff. Instead, we will work on a project basis with a variety of people with specific skills: 

The whole effort exists because of a few simple worship and prayer experiences and insights. It’s grown from there, but so far it begins every morning at 4:30 with Jesus bringing up a new topic or focus for the day. We’re excited to see where it goes from here.