Jesus in Culture

Identity, Principles, & Jesus

There’s a battle raging right now, and it’s hard to know whether it’s more tragic or more beautiful. On one side, we have subjective identity groups. On the other side, we have the camp of the ostensibly principled and objective. Think LGBTQ+ as an example of the identity type. Think evangelicals as the principled. They’re not on a shared continuum. That’s why the shrieking gets louder as they get nearer to one another, and their […]

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Social Media vs Vertical Media

This is a vertical media site rather than a social media site. The audience is Jesus. Not in the sense that He has a preferred internet browser and device, but in the sense that the purpose is to offer Him thanks for the ways He pursues and engages us. This focus is in contrast to social media, where the audience is other people, and where the goal has more to do with making and winning […]

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