Call it the wall, the dark night, a dry season, disappointment, or even the sense of total betrayal and shattering that comes when tragedies befall us while we were counting on Jesus or pleading to Him for help or protection. This is where the relationship gets tested, and it’s the sort of maturation process nobody wants to go through. These are among the most important testimonies in the sense that as we share them, we can offer comfort and hope, and a redirect to Jesus, to one another.

Please, share your story as a “thank you” to Jesus. Thank Him for what you experienced and for what He did or offered. Let others hear you thank Him, but keep your focus on Him rather than on others who may see your story and find comfort in it. No doctrine, no debate, no need to defend. Just your experience offered as you might offer a witness testimony in a case. What happened, what it meant to you, and why, starting from some phrase like “Jesus, thank you for…”