Healing can be a difficult subject for people. Not everyone who prays receives the healing they’re after, and all sorts of theological, psychological, and relational difficulties come from that.

This site is not intended to make any statements about doctrine or when and why healing happens. Our intention is to simply record the experiences people have, and let that testimony belong to Jesus as He engages other people as He chooses.

Jesus showed up one night 29 years ago in the pediatric wing of the Military Hospital in Savannah GA.

This was the darkest night of my life.

Our grandson was born that day and put immediately into a critical care unit for incubation.

I learned within the hour of his birth that he was experiencing multiple seizures. As I walked into that area I saw an older military officer (Doctor) sitting by the incubator. I hurriedly asked what was being done for my grandson. I was curtly told “nothing” inferring our grandson was on his own.

I immediately summoned my son-in-law and insisted the ill baby be moved to the large memorial hospital in town, for observation.

On the way, the baby suffered three more seizures.

An expert in pediatric seizures was summoned from the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia to confer.

When we got to the other hospital, I sat by the incubator and was asked if I’d like to hold my grandson.

As I held him I placed my hand across his tiny body and asked that Jesus remove the strength out of my body and fuse it into my grandson’s body. As I was praying a flood of light left my body and I witnessed it moving into my grandson’s body.

Yes, Jesus was present and He heard and responded immediately to my plea.

Jesus has never been closer or more real than that night.

Hours later the Doctor from PA checked my grandson thoroughly. Her diagnosis?

“This baby NEVER had nor has had seizures.”

Talk about Jesus being by my side in travail, He showed up that night just like He does 24/7.


Conway, AR