Have you found one person’s experience to be especially encouraging to you, or even found that their faith or the promise from God they held closely became a comfort and reminder that changed things in your life? How have you seen one person’s experience of Jesus shape the future of another person? Have you seen your Jesus story make Him clearer and more appealing to someone else?

Please focus your story on Jesus, starting with a “thank you for…” There are all sorts of distractions on this topic, ranging from a desire to be understood by others, to doctrinal debates, and even defensiveness about the legitimacy of a person’s claims. You can stay in front of all that by offering your story as you would offer a witness testimony in a court case. Just share your experience and why it matters to you, preferably framed by “Jesus, thank you for…” to keep the focus on Him and your experience of Him, and let the conclusions of the jurors be up to them.